Bishop Fenwick Assembly  # 812


 Membership in this degree is voluntary. The fourth degree has a separate organizational structure of its own and is usually made up of members of several different councils within an assembly. Referred to as "Sir Knights" you will generally see them in uniform as honor guards to our Bishops and Cardinals during Catholic confirmations, special events etc.  

If interested please contact Faithful Navigator, Sir Knight Ben Peters

at 740-407-5652 or e mail at

The Assembly meets on the first Tuesdays of each month.

Uniform Change

In 2017, the Supreme Council voted to modernize the look of the Fourth Degree Color Corp. The new uniforms were phased in over the next two years. As of July, 2019

the old uniforms will no longer be worn.

    Old Uniform 1940-2019                  New Uniform 2019-Present

4th degree us flags.jpg

Saint Mark Council 15447